New Members Required

The North Leigh Memorial Hall Management Committee is Looking for New Members!

North Leigh Memorial Hall is managed by a voluntary committee and we would very much like to encourage some more members of the North Leigh and East End community to join us.

The hall is a thriving centre providing an excellent space for users but also housing the village library, the village shop and Post Office, and the Village Youth Centre. It is therefore vital to have an active Management group to look after it.

The current committee are a very experienced group with a broad skill set but two of our members have recently left us, and we would be grateful for some additional members with fresh ideas and additional skills.

There is plenty of room for new members and it would also be very useful both to the hall committee and to the groups who use the hall if the groups had representation on the committee and could have input into the way it is run.

As additional information, we are registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, meaning that no trustee has any personal liability.

The Hall is also in a financially secure position.

If anyone would like more information, or just a chat, do please contact either:

Annette Duffell (Treasurer) on  07789 757811 or
Wendy Goddard (Chair) on  07837 705511 or